Trainings ​

Objective:- To build Innovation and Quality Culture in
Educational Institutes and MSME.



Quality Circle


Entrepreneurship Development

Startup and Incubation.

For whom is this Trainings for ?




Contents of Training


Training on Innovation includes :-

1.Why Innovation? 
2.How to Innovate?
3.Innovation Principles
4.Innovation Process
5.Idea Generation
6.Guidelines for developing Innovation Culture in Organisation.


Biomimicry includes :-

  • What is Biomimicry?
  • Generating Ideas from Biomimicry.
  • Case studies of Biomimicry.
  • New Product Development using Biomimicry.

Quality Circle

Quality Circle includes :-

  • What is Quality?
  • Importance of Quality.
  • Origin of Quality Circle.
  • Steps in Quality Circle.
  • 7 QC Tools.
  • Registration Procedure for Institutional and Individual member of QCFI.
  • Guidance for participation in CCQC and NCQC organised by QCFI.
  • Guidance for creating Quality Culture in organisation.

Intellectual Property Rights ( IPR)​

Intellectual Property Rights ( IPR) includes :-

  • What is IPR?
  • Classification of IP.
  • Importance of IP for individual and organisation.
  • IP filing procedure.
  • What is a Patent?
  • Criteria for Patentability.
  • Inventions not Patentable.
  • Timeline for Indian Patent Filing process.

Entrepreneurship Development

Entrepreneurship Development. Includes :-

  • Why Entrepreneurship?
  • Achievement Motivation
  • Selection of Product or Service.
  • Site Selection.
  • Whom to contact for what.
  • Case studies of successful entrepreneurs.
  • Interaction with Entrepreneurs.

Startup and Incubation.

Startup and Incubation Includes :-

1.Definition of Startup

2.About Nation Innovation and Startup  Policy ( NISP ) by AICTE

3.What is Incubation?

4.Why Incubation?

5.Benefits of Incubation